My first individual guided tour in Lugo: Jeanenne, from the United States

2020 began professionally in an unbeatable way: with a new experience that will remain forever in my memory: my first guided tour for one person 🙂

She is Jeanenne, from the United States, and she contacted me about a month ago to hire this personalized visit. And how did she discover me? In an American forum where someone recommended my services 🙂 She looked for me on social networks, especially on twitter, and was fascinated with my posts about Regueiro das Hortas 🙂 She wanted me to design a route for her through the neighborhood of O Carme, along the places of nature that are in my photos in general, and visiting traditional architecture.

Today we spent the whole morning walking through the wonderful Lugo´s surroundings, with stops for an infusion in the Rato river and a water glass (and tapas) in the historic center.

Many memories of this experience will remain in my mind, but above all with Jeanenne’s fascination with the waters of our rivers, with the green color of our city… and especially with our shared conversations. I am very lucky to have a job where I learn every day, and today was an example… thanks to her I have also traveled this morning through the history and the endless American landscapes that she crosses (from north to south and from east to west) in her truck 27 days in a row each month.

Thank you, Jeanenne, for offering me your company at this beginning of 2020!

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