An important ingredient in the cultural tourism: gastronomy tourism

Artigo publicado en Novembro do 2009 co amigo e compañeiro de Máster Jasur Ismoilov nunha revista universitaria de Kirguistán


As today UNESCO makes nominations from historical centers as Osh in Kyrgyzstan, Bukhara in Uzbekistan, natural places like mountain Sulamain in Kyrgyzstan, or intangible assets such as the tango in Argentina, or the shashmaqam music … we treat the food culture as a wealth of great heritage, value to be preserved, and whose enjoyment can have substantial benefits for both tourism brands in Central Asia, and also can be a possibility for extending the culinary business in different areas of international markets. Today, when we talk about culinary tourism, the idea that arises is that of a tourism in which the main reason of the journey is knowing more about the cuisine of the country visited. In this article we see the European experience in gastronomy tourism and propose various ways of implementation of the mentioned experiences in Central Asia (…)
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